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The Linchpin:

linch•pin (noun) : a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization.

I learned this lesson about 4 years ago. I was working at a small soda company that was struggling. I was brought on as the Sales and Marketing Manager tasked with generating revenue. I was doing okay, but I wasn’t seeing the results I was used to. Trying everything I knew to get this failing company up to speed wasn’t working. About 8 months later, the company was bought by a larger conglomerate in the area and I was let go. Everyone was let go. Except 1 person. The Linchpin. He had situated himself by knowledge and hard work. This new company couldn’t move forward without him. He had worked in the warehouse for a little over 3 years and he had memorized all of the soda recipes, familiarized himself with the machine that made the soda (which was old, and looked like it was straight out of a barn in the late 1800’s) and he was the only one that could maintain the machinery. He had made himself so valuable that he couldn’t be replaced. read more