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In the graphic design world, designers are always trying to stay educated as to what the latest and greatest in trends will be. Here at Soul Graphics, we try to stay two clicks ahead of the crowd and be on the cutting edge of design for our clients. It’s just something we really focus on and are really passionate about. That being said, there are some really cool things going on in the industry right now. Below is a re-posted blog from one of our favorite websites.

We’ve reached out to some of today’s top designers and educators for their predictions on what we can expect in the world of design in 2016.

You’ll find a colorful array of thoughts below, on a multitude of subjects. Some talk trends, some offer perspective on what’s happening now that will continue into the new year, and some give us insight into changes we should expect and things we must consider moving forward. We won’t name names, but one of these creatives even sat by a fireplace and smoked a pipe while contemplating what the coming year may bring.

All that’s to say, read on for greatness. Read More