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Our Process

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What makes us different? Well, you do. From the moment we make initial contact, our goal is to help you achieve your dreams. We have over twenty combined years of experience launching startups and propelling small to mid-size companies to the next level. We are focused on our clients 100% of the time. It shows in our work, and it shows in our referral rate. (97%). Work with us once, and we’ll be your go-to firm for life. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right every time.

We’re committed to your success. Always.


Initial consultation

Our initial consultation is free. We’ll meet with you and determine your immediate needs as well as your long-term goals. Our aim for this meeting is to completely grasp the scope of your project before moving forward. 


proposal + contract

Once we all agree to the scope of the project, we’ll write up a proposal to clearly layout the work ahead of us. Once you agree to the terms and price, you’ll sign a simple contract and we’ll get to work! 


The fun stuff

The work. This is where we shine! With over twenty combined years of experience in launching and developing companies that matter, this is our bread and butter. We’re dedicated to a process that works for everyone and at this point in the project, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. 

Almost always our initial step is wireframing. We achieve this process in an interactive environment that allows our clients to log in at any point in the trajectory of the project and see what we’re up to. Not only that, you can also add your thoughts via online comments, or even make changes to the project inside of our wireframing software. 

After the wireframe is complete, we begin to build the design project, whether that’s in WordPress (our CMS of choice), in print form, or developing the marketing materials needed for your branding campaign. 

You are our focus, and your goals are our number one priority. 



Once the project is complete, we hand the reigns over to you. You’ll have all the necessary materials and tools to take over the management of your project, but don’t fret – we’re always here to help when and if you need us. Building a brand is a team effort, and we’re now part of your team. 



Every once in a while something will pop up that is out of your wheel-house when it comes to your website or marketing campaign. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We guarantee our work, and we’re not going to let it get stale or outdated. We offer maintenance packages on all of our services. 

our portfolio

We don’t just talk the talk, we have a ton of work to prove that we do what we say we can do. Check out our portfolio to see some of our latest projects. Due to new business, our portfolio is always updating and evolving. If you’d like to see what we’re working on right now, drop us a line

pull up a chair

We’re here to discuss whatever design or marketing needs you have, even if you’re not ready to get to work just yet. Run your ideas by us, get some insider knowledge, or simply learn more about us. We’re here to chat.