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About US

Building the future

Soul Graphics is an award-winning design firm based in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Started in 2014, we have grown to work with some of the top influencers across all industries. We’ve teamed up with small startups, large corporations, and non-profits.

We meticulously work with you to leverage your brand. Our unique experience in corporate marketing, sales, and management help position your company as a definitive leader in your industry. Not only do we create stunning visuals for you, we also provide a platform for you to reach out and touch your audience.

All of our design is measured, calculated, supported with real data, and guaranteed to provide tangible results. We create a design that reaches across the aisles and is effective for everyone. All of our design is responsive, strategic, and beautiful.

Creativity is to think more efficiently. – Pierre Reverdy


Our Skills

Our most important assets are our clients. With any important relationship, we want to keep them thriving. We make sure you that you receive the best service, custom-tailored to your specific needs. While we’re Jills of many trades, these are our specific skills that will help your business thrive.
Many companies will tell you they can do everything. Beware. Those companies usually aren’t skilled at anything. We promise to deliver an excellent product in our main areas of expertise: Web Design, Marketing Campaigns, and SEO work.
  • Web Design – 100%
  • Marketing – 96%
  • Search Engine Optimization – 96%

Fearless Leaders

Our leadership team has over 20 years of combined experience.

Let’s put faces to all that work.

Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass

Founder and Special Advisor

Nicole Bass is the Founder and now a Special Advisor of Soul Graphics, an award-winning design firm. Nicole launched Soul Graphics in 2014, with over a decade of success in sales, marketing, and corporate branding campaigns.

Prior to creating Soul Graphics, Nicole’s career took her through the ranks of Enterprise Holdings, one of America’s largest privately held companies. She’s also worked with mid-sized businesses throughout the United States and eventually landed in Colorado where she headed and developed the Sales and Marketing department for a small organic soda startup in Denver.

Under Nicole’s leadership, Soul Graphics has received numerous awards, including “Best Colorado Web Designer”.

“My goal is to make the daunting task of Web Design, Branding, and Marketing campaigns approachable for all Small Business owners. Every entrepreneur deserves the opportunity to chase their dreams and change their world for the better.  Building a business starts with developing your brand, and Soul Graphics can help you do that.”

In 2019, family called and needed Nicole’s business acumen to spearhead their new venture. Currently, Nicole is the Director of Business Development for a Real Estate and Restaurant development firm. But she keeps a close relationship with the leadership at Soul Graphics and is always providing invaluable knowledge. 

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys spending time in the Rockies fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, barbecuing, and sandboarding

Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Director of Operations

Shannon joined the Soul Graphics team with over ten years of diversified project management and managerial experience across a wide range of industries, including academia, politics, restaurant, retail and wealth management.

Most recently, Shannon spent four years developing, implementing and maintaining websites, social media outlets, blog posts, video presentations, in-person conferences, and marketing campaigns for a top wealth management firm in Denver. In addition to winning many top social media influencer awards, she propelled their Google rankings from “a best-kept secret” to Google’s first-page. She did so, in part, by SEO development and consistent marketing efforts.

“Our firm’s primary goal is to make beautiful and engaging websites for those who are looking for scalable growth. And while the visual is paramount, the content and message of a website or campaign are often overlooked. My passion is stepping into our client’s shoes, helping them find their voice, and allowing their message to be heard. We value authenticity and excel at letting a company’s mission shine.”

Shannon is a Southeastern Conference (SEC) football fan; loves to cook, travel and explore the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She is thrilled to help Soul Graphics clients take their businesses and marketing efforts to the next level.

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