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Billing Solutions offers customized billing and practice management services for behavioral healthcare needs. Prescott, Arizona
3 Months | 1 Marketing Campaign | 30% Jump in Engagement


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The Challenge

Billing Solutions was implementing outdated email campaign technology and outdated pay-per-click marketing techniques. Soul Graphics was first hired to revamp and reimplement an email marketing campaign that drove engagement and ultimately appropriate business towards Billing Solutions. Upon our initial success with the email campaign, Soul Graphics was consulted on how to move away from an outdated pay-per-click marketing scheme and implement an organic campaign. A problem facing the client was unqualified leads reaching out to request inappropriate business. With our new techniques, we would save the client time; and time is money. Overall, Soul Graphics redeveloped an ongoing marketing campaign focused on driving clients and revenue in the right direction.

I worked together with Soul Graphics for several months on varying projects and they have become a trusted marketing resource for Billing Solutions. They will work together with your company to understand your needs and exceed them; while exercising strategy and industry knowledge. I have been impressed with their ability to produce excellent outcomes and top-notch work. Professionalism and friendliness also make working with Soul Graphics an all-around great experience! Helen Pegram

Business Development and Communications, Billing Solutions

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