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Honeysuckle Road came to us in 2015 needing a complete brand development. Within two months, we developed their brand by creating logos and imagery. Also, we built them an eCommerce website, complete with their SSL certification (encryption), created their labels for their candles, business cards, pamphlets, and so much more.


We had complete creative freedom. We designed 100% of this brand: imagery, logo, website.

Solid Execution

It only took us 2 months to deliver on our promises. That’s super-sonic speed!


In order to have an eCommerce store, the client needed to have an encrypted site. Easy.

Making an Impact

Honeysuckle Road came to us with an idea and a strong desire to do whatever it took to create their company. We had several conversations where we made sure to intimately grasp the initial goals of the company, as well as the over-arching end-goals of the Honeysuckle Road team. Keeping all of those in mind while carrying out the branding project would be vital to our success as startup incubators, but more importantly to the longevity of Honeysuckle Road for many years to come.

We were able to closely listen to their objectives, provide ideas from years of experience within the design industry, as well as our corporate tenure, and provide the team just what they were looking for: a clean brand that will last the test of time – as well as make money well into the future.

Thinking Globally

With any company, especially in the dry goods arena, expansion is key. We built a solid foundation so that Honeysuckle Road could expand into global markets seamlessly.

  • Encryption
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Sales tax automation based on IP address of the purchaser

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Signature Process

Soul Graphics is different than your average design firm. We care about your goals; more than just a pretty website, we understand that it comes down to performance, numbers, revenue, and growth. Our processes are different. Your website has an understanding of your business behind it – not just some pixels on a page. We grasp your goals, and our comprehensive design and marketing campaigns will propel you head-and-shoulders above your competition.

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