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Impact Unleashed

Website Redesign: eCommerce | Tickets | Media Library | Payment Integration

The Challenge

Soul Graphics was hired to take a website that wasn’t user-friendly, hard to edit, and outdated, and make it into a streamlined, eCommerce site where users can view speakers, view the event schedule, purchase tickets which are then emailed to the purchaser, and pre-register for presentations before the event begins, allowing the organizer to know who is coming to what event.

The Soul-ution

We implemented a new theme, allowing the client to make edits as they see fit. We implemented eCommerce software, and they client’s chosen payment gateway that seamlessly allowed payments to their bank account. Additionally, we implemented a tickets software and calendar allowing a streamlined integration of ticket purchasing and pre-event registration.


Website Redesign


eCommerce Implementation

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

  • eCommerce Traffic 100%
  • Mobile Sales 100%
  • Website Traffic 60%

Mobile Ready

With any recent web design project, you must make sure that the site is as mobile ready as it is ready for the desktop. We created a website, store, and calendar that are as easy to use on your phone or tablet as they are on your computer. Purchase tickets on the go, check in to the event with your phone via an individualized QR code and pre-register for the speaker of your choice on-the-go. In today’s mobile world, you need to be able to reach out and touch your users where they are – and that means on their phones. We did just that with this rebuild.

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