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Kathryn C. Holt, LCSW

2 phases | 18 months | 1 great result

A Complete Overhaul

Kathryn came to us with a website that was barely working. While it looked alright, the foundation of the site was almost inoperable. We redesigned and rebuilt her foundation first. Then we implemented new SEO tactics, new email captures, new graphics, new information, new media; and now she has a site full of information, easy to use for her clients, and an effective outreach campaign for her books.


We took a website that couldn’t be edited because the foundation was so fragile and turned it into a beautiful machine that our client now has the ability to edit and maintain. It’s also a commerce portal, store, and outreach program for the client.


We focused on client outreach, creating a website where all of Kathryn’s clients and potential clients, as well as her followers could come, gather information, learn, complete self help and get in touch easily when they needed. 


Kathryn had a great business, but she wanted more. Now, she’s a published author, a teacher, a mentor, and revered in the psychotherapy community. Her website laid a great foundation for her outreach and growth platform. 

Kathryn developed an 8-week paid online course – True Hunger. With our help, she was able to create a content restricted client portal on her website, along with an eCommerce section, and an interactive foundation for future client classes. Not only did we develop the 100+ page workbook for Kathryn, we also created the Media section of her website and YouTube videos.


A place for her clients to securely purchase her 8-week class.

Target Market

We worked with Kathryn to help her reach her target audience, ensuring her class would be successful.

Mobile Friendly

Kathryn’s new site is not only beautiful, it’s responsive; allowing people to interact on the go.

Soul Graphics was amazing. They helped me clean up a website that desperately needed revamping, taught me how to do parts of it myself, and helped with MailChimp, opt-ins, and all kinds of other tech things that are not my forte. Soul is completely professional, prompt, and creative which is a combo that soothes any entrepreneur’s nerves! I highly recommend their services.

Kathryn C. Holt, LCSW

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