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Pet Sustainability Coalition

The Challenge

The Pet Sustainability Coalition is a Boulder, Colorado, based non-profit organization that helps implement and oversee corporations’ sustainability efforts within the pet industry. They offer a plethora of knowledge and resources through their PSC Toolkit, which was originally developed in 2013. We were tasked with the job of taking a 60-page website, multiple resources, videos, downloadable PDFs, among other digital assets and consolidating to a modern, navigational website that was easy to use, appealing, actionable, and in alignment with their corporate brand.

The Solution

We consolidated the original 60 pages to just 15, all while adding more information and resources for the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s members. We implemented a filterable, searchable resource center, including videos, email captures, new imagery, and a distinct navigation for the toolkit. Not only will their members have a better user experience under the new toolkit’s redesign, they’ll be able to intuitively access all of the information needed for their sustainability efforts.

We. Rethought. Everything.


Website Redesign


Corporate Branding

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

New Responsive Mobile Site Added

Mobile Refresh

The Challenge was to take an outdated, non-responsive HTML site and turn it into a modern, responsive, informative lean, mean, mobile website machine.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Not only did we build a beautiful website, we created an analytical machine, allowing the PSC team to truly understand what their users are doing within the toolkit. 

Extensive User Research

PSC has a very specific demographic: Leaders of huge corporations such as Pet Smart, Kong, Cardinal Pet Industries, etc. Speaking to them was our main goal.

  • Mobile Traffic 80%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

More than Just a Pretty Face

From our very first phone call to the project unveiling, we meticulously and methodically redesigned this extensive toolkit. Our main focus was usability and engagement. Furthermore, The Pet Sustainability Coalition team needed to be able to analyze user interaction.  We provided the analytic foundation including, download information, page interaction and bounce rates. 

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