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Our Latest work


Landis Ford Gloersen, PA

Landis Ford Gloersen was a rebrand of a prestigious law firm based in DeLand, Florida. Having been in business since 1902, there is a rich history that we had to keep in mind when redesigning this brand. We focused on more traditional legal designs, staying away from the cliche while implementing bold colors and familiar designs. What we delivered was a design guaranteed to last another 100 years. 

Design Time: 6 weeks


Impact Unleashed

Impact Unleashed is an annual event thrown by the Pet Sustainability Coalition meant to educate leaders within the pet industry on the implementation of their sustainability practices. We created a website with the ability to purchase tickets, pre-register for speeches, digitally check-in for events, and RSVP online. 

Design Time: 3 Weeks


Pet Sustainability Coalition

The PSC is a non-profit foundation based in Boulder, Colorado dedicated to helping the pet industry implement and grow sustainability efforts within their business practices. They hired Soul Graphics to redesign and rebuild their toolkit – an extensive website full of information for their members. We redesigned an outdated toolkit and implemented new elements such as a searchable, filterable resource page, a media section, affiliate websites, performance areas, integrated strategy section and case studies among other things.

Design Time: 6 months


Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions is a Behavioral Healthcare Billing company based in Prescott, Arizona. They hired Soul Graphics to revamp their newsletter and write their blog posts in an ongoing effort to boost their marketing effectiveness. In the first three months, we’ve increased their overall engagement by nearly 30%. We are working with them on an ongoing basis.

Design Time: Ongoing


Wealth Legacy Institute

Wealth Legacy Institute is an award-winning financial management firm based in Denver, Colorado. We’ve partnered with them for several years, but our most recent project has been to redesign their new-client onboarding resources. This includes digital and print designs meant to streamline and improve their client intake. In addition to this most recent project, we’ve collaborated with WLI on website design, book cover design, SEO campaigns, blog post creation, etc. Shannon’s SEO efforts ranked WLI as a “Top Social Influencer” in the financial industry.

Design Time: Ongoing


Kathryn Holt, LCSW

We have worked with Kathryn for years. Our first collaboration with her was a complete website overhaul, cleaning up and strengthening the foundation of her website. Most recently, we have launched an eCommerce section of her website where clients can sign up and pay for her online courses. We’ve also designed a media page, content-restricted client portal, a 100+ page workbook for her course, and social media campaigns. Kathryn’s website used to be hanging on by a thread, now it’s one of our best designs!

Design Time (in 2 phases): 18 months

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